"For the Serious Martial Artist"

Our Mission

Our mission is to do more than teach punches and kicks. Our mission is to help you and your children become better people by becoming more patient, more respectful, and more confident. By advancing from one belt to the next, all learn the importance of setting goals and the joy that comes from reaching these goals.

All these principles are learned in the classroom, and will spill over into your daily life whether you are 5 or 50. That is our mission. To make better people through the wisdom and techniques of true karate that is represented in Tang Soo Do.

Our karate techniques and self defense moves are above them all. It is our mission to teach these techniques to the point wherein to excel is the common goal of all.

As these techniques are learned, it is our mission to instill balance and calm respect in our students to ensure our Tang Soo Do never is used to destroy, but always to protect.