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Welcome to Phil Robinson Karate

We teach Tang Soo Do in Kennesaw, GA. Tang Soo Do is an ancient karate with its roots in Korea and China. We offer Tang Soo Do as a pure traditional karate and not a mix of many different things.

We offer a program for children and adults as well. Our classes are kept small to ensure you get the personal attention you deserve. Although Tang Soo Do is a very disciplined karate, Mr. Robinson makes sure all classes are kept fun and interesting.

Mr. Robinson, a martial artist for over 46 years, bears the distinction of being a Master in two styles of martial arts: Tai Chi and Tang Soo Do . If you would like to talk to Mr. Robinson, you may call him: 678.789.3547.

Phil Robinson has over 35 years experience teaching martial arts.

Executive Karate

This is a martial arts program that is purely a traditional, ancient, program that has been designed for the “over 30” crowd. In this karate class, you will enjoy a rigorous workout and learn true karate techniques, but gone are the movements that cause harm to the joints, such as jumping, flying kicks, jump spinning kicks, etc. Emphasis is placed on becoming a better person who is in better condition rather than being competitive and combative.

To register online for this class which meets on Thursday night at 7:00PM:

Or call: 770-422-9714 and ask to sign up for Executive Karate.

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"We Are A Karate School, Not A Karate Business"